Purchase a Quantech Chiller or Fraser-Johnston RTU and qualify for a FREE Yeti Tundra 45. If you have an upcoming project, please fill out the form below.

How Many Chiller Projects Have You Lost Recently?

5% of a scroll chiller is buried in factory startup and 1st year labor. How many projects did you lose by 5% or less? Wouldn’t it be nice convert these losses into wins?

Quantech  eliminates all of these issues. Do your own startup, service, warranty work and remove the pressure of competing against the factory for service contracts.

You Own Chiller Startup and Warranty

Furthermore, it removes the OEM Service organization from the process of startup logistics, coordination, scheduling, and conflict resolution.

Free Up Your Contractor to Do What They Do Best ...

… Serve their customer, on their schedule, and without interference from an OEM Service provider.

Have Any of These Happened to you Before?

  1. You get backcharged from an OEM Service organization for your contractor not being ready for scheduled startup.
  2. OEM Service Tech no shows a startup or warranty service call.
  3. Your contractor requests a startup on OT or weekend when you didn’t have it estimated that way.
  4. Startup had to rescheduled since the contractor didn’t install the strainer or had the flow switch in the wrong location or some other technical reason.
  5. OEM Service says startup queue is 3 weeks out and you need startup in days not weeks.
  6. When the OEM Service Sales rep calls on the owner for a Service Agreement to compete against the very contractor who bought the unit from you.

Get a YETI AND Keep Factory Service off YOUR Job Site. What More Could You Want?

  • Become authorized and receive a 1 year labor warranty on new purchases.
  • Do your own service work. No more competing with factory service reps for YOUR customers.
  • Total training consists of a short quiz and a webinar. The time from start to finish is less than 2 hours.
  • FREE Yeti Cooler with every purchase now through December 30th, 2016.

Note: You aren't required to be Quantech Authorized to receive a YETI.